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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ugly sweaters and cupcakes for breakfast

Oh my, I had a terrible training week. Translation - I didn't train. And I had cupcakes for breakfast. And I paid my "IHOP" speeding ticket - $144. Hrmph.

Work has been so crazy, getting in super early and leaving super late everyday for the last few weeks leaving me with barely two brain cells to rub together. And I threw a holiday cocktail party Saturday for 30+ people. Craziness. So while I had an absolute blast with friends, I was busy getting the house ready for guests all week. Had I not committed myself to TNT, I would have not gone out running in 36 degree weather the morning of my party! But I thought - I'll be darned if the entire week went by and didn't get at least one training session in. Strong is this TNT draw! And did I mention it was *fargin* cold outside on Saturday?? I met Anne this week, a great lady and returning TNTer, and she recommened strategically placing tissues in your sleeves when it's this cold since other things start to run besides your feet. A tip I will follow next week.

Although I had a yuck week, seeing my friend Eve and her hubby Michael at the party was the best! Luckily, this was one of her good weekends and it made me really happy to see her laughing and having fun. Wisps of now short curls, a symptom of her treatment, peeked out from under her cute hat - she looked great - except for her sweater! It was an "ugly sweater" party, so we were all laughing hysterically at the hideous outfits that came through the door! Brian, my photographer husband, rigged up a tacky backdrop and remote control camera so everyone could capture the crazy! It was such a treat to get together with friends, especially Eve. So, back on the training wagon this week...giddy up. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, December 7, 2009

We don't stop for nothin!

December is cold. Really cold. Brrr. I found out that Team in Training, hereforth - TNT - doesn't let a little inclimate weather stop us! I was going to write my last blog post after Saturday's GTS, but I think it took until today to thaw out. I got an email from Ed a few days earlier saying that, yes, we still meet no matter what, but that if there should be dangerous weather we would get an email notification no later than 6:30am telling us the plan. As usual, my alarm went off at 7am and I darted one arm from under my cozy warm electric blanket just quick enough to grab my iPhone to check email and determine my fate. Just in case, I thought. Nada. So, as usual we met on Saturday and we encountered light rain, then flurries...I mean...we were running in a HUGE BLIZZARD. These TNTers are serious!

Ok, so I may be exaggerating just a smidge but my southern blood was dern cold. Bruce, one of our team mentors, was in shorts while you could barely see one square inch of my skin, and that was only because I needed to see. Anyway, I'm starting to get a hang of what fabric to wear in what weather and how much of it. Layers are good, and according to our last team email from Ed, you should dress as if it was 20 degrees warmer - a good rule of thumb I learned.

Our other team mentor, Beth, was out there with us for the first time, which was nice. I found out she lives in Demorest in north GA where I went to college before I transferred to UGA - small world. I was amazed that she makes the trek all the way down to meet us, but at the same time I'm really not amazed at the constant dedication from so many TNTers in these last few short weeks. Two other veteran TNTers came to join us for our run and as they got out of their cars, it made me smile to see them greeted with such excitement and hugs of long-time friends.

So, as soon as we got going, I quickly forgot about the cold and we were laughing and talking and as usual the time went fast. Before I knew it I was at IHOP enjoying some java and warming the body and soul - and yes...I drove 45mph the entire way there.