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Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's so hot, I can't even name this post

Geez all mighty, I've been slow like molasses to write...and for that I am sorry, gentle readers. I think it may be this insufferable heat that zaps any spare energy from my brain cells. I will say, however, my spare time is spent...well, you guessed it - running. And like Forrest...I-AM-A-RUH-NING, Jenny! (yes, I like this movie).

I've never run this much in my life! I got used to training all last winter and spring for my first two half-marathons, but this marathon thing is serious business. I'm not afraid to admit: I'm dern-well nervous. Maybe it's not really a bad thing...I think it's keeping me a little anxious and on my toes. October will be here before you know it. I'm sure my running pal Carol is getting sick of the barrage of questions about the Nike Marathon in San Fran last year. I'm like a little kid, begging their parent to tell the story over and over again. "So, Carol...tell me again, how did the Nike race go? What did you feel? Did it hurt? Was it hot? Was it cold? Are there really fire fighters in tuxes? How bad are the hills? Did you have to pee? Did you vomit? What about blisters? Did you chafe?" She patiently answers all my questions for the umpteenth time and again today after our 10 miler. Clearly, you end up sharing A LOT with your running partners. So we're just now starting to get into the mileage I've never run before. Last week was 14, we were down to 10 this week, and then a big 16 next weekend...yikes! We're inching up little by little which makes for more digestible bites out of this gigantic mountain I'm calling a marathon. So yeah, we'll put my neuroses on the shelf for a moment.

On to more important matters. I dedicate this post to my crutches. Not the kind you think; I'm not talking about the metal poles with the foam pads that dig into your armpits and are given to you in unfortunate circumstances. I'm talking about the friends (including my hubby) who have helped me in so many ways (ways they probably do not even know) and who I literally depend on to new running friends, to work friends, to my life-long soul sisters (A,E,D). This work and this process has definitely been mental as much as it has been physical and I'm learning a lot about myself; especially what I'm capable of. But, my friends...well, they are priceless and life crutches...they are steadfast fixtures that have held me up along the way. If you are reading this - you rock my world!

There are so many wonderfully special people in my life to mention, but in honor of crutches I do want to give one special "shout out" to my dear friend Rebecca, affectionately known as RTL or Rebequina. Since this post is dedicated to crutches she deserves a little special recognition. You see, she and I ran the ING Half Marathon back in the math...yes that's like 5 months ago. So, that's how long she's been on crutches! And yes, the unfortunate kind! She had a hip injury from the race (I swear it wasn't my fault!) but she was recently liberated (WOO-HOO!!) and I'm proud to say she's literally back on her feet. She is an awesome friend and also happens to be Hodgkin's survivor of 10+ years (DOUBLE WOO-HOO!!). And she was one of the first people I called hyperventilating when I found out Eve was diagnosed with the same cancer and she quickly calmed my fears. She also met with Eve and Michael soon after the news and I will be forever grateful for her sharing her own experience with us and being a calming presence. Thanks, RTL, and I'm sorry I broke your hip :) - let's go shoe shopping soon, m-kay?

So..yea for good for the bad kind. I leave you with a pic of me and RTL post ING back in March. That was a really good day.

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