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Friday, October 15, 2010

No turning back now!

So friends,...I'm on the plane. On THE plane to, yep, San Francisco! Two days left and I'll be running toward that little blue box and into the arms of San Fran's finest firefighters! Got your attention? Mine too - that's how I got started on this crazy journey called a marathon 5 months ago. Well, not entirely of course, but a little Tiffany's bling and man muscle at the finish line never hurt no body. No ma'am.

Lemme splain. October marks not only my first marathon, but a year with Team in Training, doing things I never thought would ever do, including making a promise to Evie and keeping it, and then some too...So in many ways this race is more meaningful to me than I had imagined. Evie said recently that her treatment is almost like a marathon training in many ways. Though you can't really possibly put them both in the same category, both have physically grueling moments and mentally draining challenges that test your will to keep going. But we keep keepin on.

And here we are.
So all this work will be put to the test! I'm a wad of anxious energy; no doubt annoying anyone within a one foot radius...knees bobbing up and down like a 6 year old mainlining Pixie Stix. So, we shall see my friends. I'll do the best I can Sunday morning! Selfishly, I'm hoping you all send some good ju-ju in the direction of the Bay Area from wherever you dwell. If you're really bored on Sunday morning, you can follow along my Facebook wall. There's even a nifty Nike GPS app (yes there IS an app for everything!) that connects to my page at the start of my run. If you "like it" or make a comment, it will activate a "cheer" action directy to my iPhone that will be nested in my -- yes people -- fanny pack (or as I'd like to call it my "accessoire of essentials".)

Side bar. Lesson #63 in marathon training: Function over fashion. Get over the need to be too cute. This is also closely related to Lesson #47: Become accustomed to, if not excited by, the sensation you feel when entering running apparel and accessory stores. This became all too apparent when in Chicago last week my shopping radar skimmed right over Neiman Marcus on the same block as my hotel and went right for the Niketown and Garmin stores. Runner euphoria!

I digress. I cannot sign off without thanking all the good people who donated to my fundraising goal for this race!! I'm beyond greatful for everyone's generosity and it has inspired me to keep going.

So peeps, the plane is landing and I guess all I have to say is that I'll catch you on the other side of 26.2! GO TEAM!


  1. Go Karen!!! I am actually going to be up early on Sunday morning (and the time difference helps too!) so expect a few 'cheers' coming from Boston! Love you and good luck!