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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cotton is Rotten

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I think this is the first time in my life I have exercised on this holiday of massive indulgence. I have always been amazed by those people who get up at the crack of dawn on the holiday to run a race. To be honest, I kind of snubbed their enthusiasm and their "look-at-me-I-ran-a-marathon-while-your-fat-butt-eats-sweet-potato-casserole-with-marshmallows-that-you-pass-off-as-a-vegtable" kind of attitude. So, while I did not run the Atlanta marathon this morning, I did dutifully do all my miles...after I had my bacon and eggs :) The sun was shining and so many people were at the park today, it made me smile seeing all the families walking, dogs running and frisbee players enjoying the morning. I did feel much better when I got home and better that in about two hours, I'll probably down my entire caloric intake for the week! Oh well...

This morning I also wore some running gear I got at the Altanta Marathon Expo last night. They had a huge room in the Intercontinental Buckhead with tons of vendors selling dicounted running clothes, shoes and accessories. Yes, accessories GALORE! And who knew I could parlay my love of clothes and fashion with running...anyway, these are accessories I've never seen before and frankly didn't know you need. Um, lots of things are available to prevent chafing...and chafing is a BAD thing because apparently you can chafe in very unfortunate places. I was rummaging through a basket of things and I couldn't figure out what this package of round yellow circles was for. My face perplexed, I turned it over - Nip Gaurds - oh, whoops. Ouch. Apparently this is a phenomenon that happens mostly to men - whew! So, feeling my inexperience with all this gear, I turn my attention to a rack of clothes from a company called One More Mile. I remember Marie telling me at orientation that "cotton is rotten" because you should wear moisture wicking material when you run. So I wanted to stock up on some cold weather shirts. Laughing hysterically, I picked up a few long sleeve shirts with the funniest slogans on them..."I will run for margaritas" "find your happy pace" "if found on the ground, please drag across finish line" and my favorite..."does this shirt make by butt look fast"! Needless to say, when I wore that one at the park I got a few giggles and laughs as people passed me by. I needed the laughes and smiles.

So all ya'll out there - gobble till you wobble today. Smile and be thankful.

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