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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let it TRAIN!

By "it" I mean, me. I just signed up for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training Program! I'm really psyched to get started - one, because in some small way I feel I can do something to help my best friend Eve. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma several weeks ago. As much as I want to take this terrible awful thing from her, I can't. As she gets deeper into her treatment and feeling bad, my hope is that I might be able to channel strength, positive energy and good juju her way over the next few months. So Eve -- I'm borrowing from the name of your journal to signal the beginning of mine. Eve, you are my hero.

So, I hope you'll follow along. And, oh yeah, I would love it if you could click on my fundrasing page to the right if you can! (Eve's worth it :)


  1. Oh Karen!!! You are the BEST!!! I love you girl. Thanks so much for all you do to support me and the others out there like me. This is for a great cause. And I love the name of your journal!! Thanks so much Karen. Love, Eve

  2. Good luck with the training Karen and raising all of that much needed money!