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Friday, January 22, 2010

Kicking Cancer's A$$!

WOW - so, AMAZING news from my dear Evie!!! After her 7th or 8th round of chemo, it was time for a PET scan on Tuesday to see how the treatment was responding, and if the tumors were she called me last night to say - she's negative for malignancy! I could hear the elation and sheer joy in her voice and if I hadn't been driving on 2-85, I would have done a happy dance right then and there! I squeeled in excitment. I knew she was having the test on Tuesday and I just wanted to hold my breath ever since, so I was relieved to know it was good news. While she still will probably have to do a little more chemo to kill off any residual cancer cells, this is a HUGE milestone and I'm so happy for my lovely friend. She says she hasn't been this happy since her wedding day - so this is a pic of Eve and her awesome hubby Michael on their amazing day! And so it was...I remember the love and pure happiness that was present on this day - a beautiful weekend. Hard to believe she started chemo 3 or 4 days after this picture was taken.

But sadly though, in the last week I just learned of a person I know from my work circles who has cancer - non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I had no idea, and I understand he was diagnosed around the same time as Eve in October. I've reached out to him through a letter, so I hope to hear more about how he's doing. It sounds as if maybe he's had a difficult time. Just another reminder that there still are so many people we need to constantly keep in our thoughts and keep supporting - through our friendship and love, volunteering or raising money. Through Eve's experience I've learned just how grueling this disease is, how awfully painful it can be. So, I will continue to do this thing for Eve and all the other people who are on their individual journeys. To all of you out there - I'm sending you good TNT vibes!

Well, my training continues - much more consistent than ever, which feels good. I'm trying to be careful with my right knee. Although I had surgery a few years ago, it still likes to remind me it's a bum knee. I'm up to about 4-5 miles, 3 to 4 times during the week and 5 miles on Saturday. Tomorrow morning is a big day - 8 miles with the group. Might not seem like much, but since a 10K is the longest I've run in a stretch, it's really setting in that I will be running 13 straight in less than 60 days! Ed keeps reassuring me that I'll make it - so why question the man? - he's done something like more than 115 marathons. Surely he wouldn't lead me astray. So all in all, it's going well. My definition for cold sure has changed, since now I think nothing of going out in 30-degree weather. I make the Wednesday night buddy runs and hit the treadmill, even though I really don't care for the machine. I think it's evil, actually, but more on that some other day.

Time to rest up for tomorrow - Purple Power, people, Purlpe Power!!

1 comment:

  1. Karen! I love this picture that Brian took. It captures so well the happiness of the event.

    Thanks so much for all of your love and support through this!! And thank you for taking on the TNT challenge so that you can help so many more who struggle.

    I love you Karen!!