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Monday, January 4, 2010

Who hit FFWD?

Wow, so I had a long hiatus, but some important dates went by that kept me away - in order of appearance - Christmas, a 5-day trip to Vegas with the hubby, New Years, my birthday...and who could forget "SNOW JAM 2010" for all you Atlantans! And after a brief head cold that put me out for a few days this week, I'm back and excited to update you on my progress!

First things first - I'm almost 50% to my fundraising goal, which is good. I have until the first part of March, but I know it will be be here before I know it. I'm hoping after the new year settles, I can gain a lot more momentum. I know the marathon of the holidays is a little crazy for folks - it was for me - but I'm still here! Thanks SO very much to all of you who have supported me so far.

So, with all these frigid temperatures outisde in the teens, I'll fully admit it's been challenging to want to complete my miles! But, I'm glad we'd been running for several weeks already in the cold. When it snowed and iced this week - shutting down the city - it didn't seem completely out of the question to go running. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still questioned whether I was crazy, but once I got going it wasn't so horrible. Besides the runny nose, it was very peaceful, actually. I went running in my neighborhood since the roads were too bad to go to the gym. I did a few miles under the crunch of the snow and it was beautiful. And like usual, just when I don't want to go out the most, I'm always glad afterward.

I also totally have to give a shout out to my Boston friend Emily who sent me the nicest prezzie! A runner herself, she sent me her favorite running piece. And she was right, it's the best garment I've acquired yet - an Under Armour, zip up, long-sleeve turquiose shirt (love the color!). It fits like a glove and it's a fab layering piece, so I can still wear a shirt underneath. I wore it out on my snow run and I kept toasty warm. THANKS EM! I added a pic for all you runners out there interested in getting one! I also share her love of Under Amour gear - I have four pairs of their capri running pants. And by the way, another great by-product of cold weather dressing: lots of layering with stretchy fabrics = less jiggle. Lord knows I can use less of that. Enough said!

My journey continues on and I can't think of a better way to start the year than with the TNT charge to help save lives one mile at a time. Yay!

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  1. So glad you loved the gear, Karen! :) I'll be making a contribution to the cause as soon as I can. Meanwhile, cheers to taking things one step at a time. Literally. xoxo